Is fast becoming a fixture in the San Francisco kink community, and intends to stay that way. He has worked as a Queer Educator at LYRIC (Lavender Youth Recreation And Information Center), and since has taken his talents as an educator to a wider variety of audiences, teaching on subjects ranging from safer sex to BDSM to trans and queer identities. He is also one of the hosts and originators of Transmission, the new trans-centric party at the San Francisco Citadel.

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9 Responses to “About”

  • Christina Antoinette Neofotistou

    Hi! I’m Christina Antoinette, an anarcho-autonomous feminist transdyke from greece, and I’m writing on behalf of queertrans.espiv net, a mostly anarchist, purely pro-queertheory trans forum and support group. We’re greek and athens-centric (the greek capital city). We are all in love with your untraditional trans101 and have taken the liberty to translate it as best we could, maintaining the political and militant context as best we could. A personal ‘thank you’ from me as well, this is some amazing writing.

    We are thinking of posting our translation of your post to greek forums of alternative information and social dialogue. Full credit and all that, but I wanted to tell you in any case. The text is available for your scrutiny. Do you need anything from us?

    Again congratulations and our thanks for putting in words what so many of us are trying to express.

    companionly kisses

    • Asher

      Wow, I’m translated into Greek! Really?! I am flattered, that is awesome. Sadly, I cannot read the translation, but I would like to look at it, sure. Just to get a kick out of it. :D

      Thanks for reposting!


  • Larkin

    Thank you for being so fucking fierce and AMAZING. I am learning a lot and reflecting and thinking a lot reading your blog, and feeling so grateful you have put it out there. What you are doing means a lot.

  • Kyle

    Great blog, thank you for your contribution and clarity. I’ve added you to my big list of trans masculine blogs.

    • Asher

      Then take me the fuck off because I am not trans masculine and I consider that to be a really shitty term. I am fem. That matters to me as much as or more than any other aspect of my gender. I have written about that a lot. I have no desire to be lumped in with a bunch of people with whom I have little in common aside from being a trans person who was assigned female at birth.

      • Kyle

        And I have done so. I agree that I should have done more research on how you identify before ‘lumping you in’, I apologize for that insult. I also know that mistakes are great learning experiences. Maybe you have no patience with helping to educate and enlighten someone who makes mistakes, however a lot of your posts seem to have an educational bent. I’m using my mistake as a learning moment, and you could have used it as a teaching moment, but instead you chose to shit on a term that I sometimes use to identify myself because I made the mistake of using that term to describe you. You see what I’m getting at?

        I pointed your post out to my readers because I thought you did a particularly good job of pointing out some of the things people who consider themselves allies say that are instead offensive and not supportive. And I certainly stepped right in it when I misgendered you. So I’ve learned a great deal from my mistake and this exchange. Thank you.

      • Asher

        I should clarify. Transmasculine can be a fine term as a self identifier. Obviously. However, I think the use of transmasculine as an umbrella term is a huge, huge problem. Trans men, butches, bois, FTMs, masculine of center, what have you… the people who use these self identifiers often have very little in common with each other. Oh yes, I know there’s a thriving queer culture based on conflating all those things. It’s just not a culture I have anything to do with. And you probably wouldn’t like hearing what I have to say about that culture.

        I have a really low tolerance at this point for being described as “transmasculine” or “masculine of center.” I just don’t want those terms anywhere near me at this point.

        You got your education. I posted links. I posted a whole new entry on my blog. But oops, I wasn’t nice enough to you after you misgendered me. Well, maybe you need to check your assumptions. Male doesn’t have to mean masculine. Not for cis males, not for trans males. It’s not exactly the queerest and most enlightened conclusion to spring to, is it? Should be obvious by now. And I am exhausted from all the explaining I have done around it in the past week to lots of people who are considered very queer and very hip.

        But I was wrong to say that I consider transmasculine a shitty term. I guess maybe it doesn’t always have to be. I will however say that I consider it to be a term which is overwhelmingly used in shitty ways. And I almost exclusively encounter it on those contexts.

  • calistair

    I’m really nervous if this is entirely the wrong place to ask this, but what on earth is ‘transmasculine’?

    • Asher

      Good question, fuck if I know. It’s a highly contested term that means different things to different people. Often it is used to refer to everyone who is trans and happens to have been assigned female at birth. But that’s messed up because it implies that basically being female assigned and masculine is the definition of being female assigned and trans. Sometimes it gets used to lump together a bunch of folks like butches, bois, trans men, people who self describe as “ftm,” certain genderqueer folks who happen to be some kind of “masculine” (whatever masculine means). Often it is used to mean “People who aren’t women who I feel like I can date while still calling myself a lesbian/queer woman” by certain chaserish types. Sometimes it’s a self identity, in which case you should ask the person who is using it to describe themselves what it means to them.

      Honestly I don’t identify as transmasculine and dislike the term on many levels so I’m not gonna be able to give a positive answer to that. Kyle might be a better person to talk to than me in terms of describing what the whole thing is about.

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